Our Core Beliefs

Disability of dementia

Dementia is a major cause of acquired disability globally

Disability assessment

Disability assessment and support beyond only assessing the Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) must be provided

Right to live

People living with dementia have the right to a high quality of life and appropriate support to live their pre-diagnosis lives

Value in living

Everyone has the possibility of having value every day of their lives, no matter what stage of the disease they are in


Well-being (quality of life) with dementia is possible

Nothing about us, without us

People with dementia must be included in all decisions affecting them: nothing about us, without us

Role models

People with dementia are role models for each other and should learn from each other

I can do it

People with dementia and the wider community must focus on what people with the disease CAN do rather than on what they CANNOT do, through all stages of the disease

Value in a person

Language must be respectful on our terms, and not devalue people with dementia


People with dementia still have capacity

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