Resources for people with Dementia

For our final day of Dementia Awareness Month, and to further celebrate the voices of people with dementia, two DAI members, Christine Thelker and Kate Swaffer have created a list of books written and published by people with dementia.

About dementia

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states, “Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide.”

Dementia resources

This page consists of resources to support and educate people on dementia, such as resources for self-advocacy, language guidelines and other additional resources.

Our voice matters

This page is dedicated to the voices of people with dementia, where members share their personal stories of being diagnosed, and then living with dementia.


This page consists of various publications related to dementia.

Resources for care partners

The resources here give insight on how it feels having dementia, and one on being a patient in a hospital, and they may assist others to understand our fear as well as how to better support us.

Support for young carers

This page consists of resources for young carers of people with dementia

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