Our voice matters

Our voice matters

This page is dedicated to the voices of people with dementia, where members share their personal stories of being diagnosed, and then living with dementia.

"Try Hello."

Our members will, in their own unique ways, share with you, the good, the bad, and sometimes, the downright ugly. We are sharing with you from the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts, in the hope that you become not only more aware of dementia, but of the human cost of this condition, but we also want others to know, there is a lot of living to do after the diagnosis, and it is not all doom and gloom.

Our hope is that these stories bring hope to others facing dementia, and that in sharing our stories, we collectively can give each other strength to face the unknown together. It is not a future we predicted, nor necessarily one that we wanted, and certainly, not one that any of us chose. We have discovered, dementia does not discriminate as anyone at any age can be diagnosed, but is not always a negative experience.

Dementia changes lives, of that there is not doubt, but many also feel they have also been given many gifts since being diagnosed with dementia. In September for World Alzheimer’s Month 2018, DAI ran a series of Hello blogs, now listed below.

The Hello blog series was inspired by the late Dr Richard Taylor, one of our co-founders. He was once asked, “What should I say to a person with dementia?”, and answered by saying, “Try Hello.”

Hello Blog Series

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