Hello, my name is George Chong K.L.

Published: Monday, July 18th 2022
Hello, my name is George Chong K.L.

On Day 16 of the #DAI #Hello my name is series for #WAM2018, we are featuring a short story and  video about one of our members in Singapore. The Alzheimer's Disease Association Singapore has been working hard towards empowering and developing people with dementia to become self advocates, and also to set up their own Dementia Working Group next year. DAI is delighted to support them, and to be able to share part of George's story with you today...

There is no cure

Hello, my name-George Chong K.L. At the age of 46, I went through my first investigation for dementia in April 2016, and was diagnosed with Brain Atrophy through MRI, and advised it was Mild Cognitive Impairment. In January 2017 I sought a second opinion, and in April 2017 had further investigations including a Pet Scan and Lumber Puncture.

The diagnosis was Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Like many, I was not thrilled with the diagnosis, so I decided to get a third opinion which ended in the same conclusions. I was prescribed with Echelon Patches in September 2018. I learned about DAI though meeting Kate Swaffer, when she came to Singapore in 2017 as a guest of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association here, and since then am probably considered Singapore’s first self advocate! 

As there is no cure, and no disease modifying drugs, I use a number of holistic remedies which include the following:

  • Ketogenic Diet

  • Meditation 

  • Acupuncture

  • Yoga

  • Qigong

  • Coloring in Puzzle

  • Playing frisbee 

  • Light walking or running

The disabilities I experience caused by my dementia include losing the ability to do mathematical calculations, understand instructions and logic, my verbal expression, memory loss, and sometimes frustration and even anger. Living with changing abilities and losing what used to be automatic and easy functioning is very difficult to get used to, and therefore easy to feel upset about.  However, my wife Lyn and I continue to face dementia together, as best we can.

The following short film was made this year to raise awareness of dementa in Singapore, and about my experiences [apologies we have not been able to embed it, so please follow the link].

Talking Point 2018 - EP7 Thu 31 May 2018 - Am I At Risk Of Dementia?

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