Join the Age With Rights Campaign by GAROP and Make a Difference!

Join the Age With Rights Campaign by GAROP and Make a Difference!
Author: The DAI Admin Team
Published: Friday, September 15th 2023


Aging is a natural part of life, and as we grow older, we should continue to enjoy the same human rights and dignity that we've always had. However, the reality is that many older people around the world face discrimination, neglect, and violations of their rights. To address this issue, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) has launched the Age With Rights campaign. This global initiative is pushing for a new United Nations convention on the rights of older people to ensure that our golden years are characterized by dignity, respect, and equal protection.

As a committed and active member of GAROP, and the only lived experience organisation bringing the voice of people living with dementia to this important discussion, DAI are proud to support the campaign.

Understanding the Need for a New Convention

Human rights are universal, and they should apply to everyone, regardless of their age. However, existing human rights frameworks were created at a time when the idea of a "100-year life" was unimaginable. As a result, these frameworks provide fragmented and inconsistent coverage when it comes to the rights of older people and aging issues.

The Age With Rights campaign aims to rectify this gap by advocating for a universal, legally-binding instrument that guarantees equal opportunities for older people to participate, contribute, and be treated with respect. Such a convention would also explicitly prohibit ageism in the law, helping to protect the rights of older individuals and benefiting society as a whole, both now and in the future.

Join the Video Campaign

One of the ways you can support the Age With Rights campaign is by participating in the video campaign. GAROP has released a video guide to help you create impactful video messages that advocate for a UN convention on the rights of older people. Anyone can record and share a video message to lend their voice to this important cause.

To access the guide and get started, click here.

You can also watch inspiring video statements from Age With Rights campaigners in GAROP’s video gallery and on YouTube. Your video message can make a significant difference in raising awareness and building momentum for this campaign.

Global Rally

The annual 'Global Rally' is a flagship initiative of the Age With Rights campaign. It's a powerful platform for supporters to come together, share their stories, and call for change. To get a sense of the impact of past rallies, you can read about the recent Global Rally in 2023 and the one held in 2022.

Campaign Branding

To help spread the message of "Age with Rights," you can incorporate the campaign's branding into your daily life and work:

  • Wear Orange: In meetings or gatherings, wear a prominent piece of orange clothing, such as an orange hat, scarf, or top.

  • Create Visuals: Put up an orange banner or create an orange sign in your office or meeting room with the "Age with Rights!" slogan.

  • Digital Communication: Use the red-orange color (#FF3300 or RGB: R255, G51, B0) in your digital communications.

  • Brand Integration: Incorporate "Age with Rights" into your organization's branding, such as stationery items, email signatures, and bylines alongside your logo.

By adopting these branding elements, you can help raise awareness and show your support for the Age With Rights campaign.


The Age With Rights campaign is a vital global initiative that aims to ensure that older people enjoy the same human rights and dignity as everyone else. Join this movement today by participating in the video campaign, attending the Global Rally, and incorporating campaign branding into your daily life and work. Together, we can make a difference and help create a world where everyone can "Age with Rights!"

Read more about the campaign on GAROP’s own website here: /age-with-rights/ 

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