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The Environmental Design Special Interest Group (ED SiG) wishes to assist national dementia associations by providing them with easy access to resources that are compatible with the values and principles that underpin the Alzheimer’s Disease International, World Alzheimers Report 2020, Design, Dignity, Dementia. Members of the group have begun to canvas organisations across the world to seek their recommendations on the available resources. The following tables list the free, on-line resources that have been recommended to and endorsed by ED-SiG to date.

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ED-SiG is continuing its search for useful resources, particularly from non-English speaking countries, and would like to hear from individuals or organisations who wish to make recommendations. Please fill out the form to send your comments and/or recommendations.


Alzheimers WA

Dementia Australia

  • Smartphone App: The Dementia-Friendly Home app is available for tablets and mobile phones. Using interactive 3D game technology, the app provides carers with ideas to make their home more accessible for people living with dementia. Many of the suggestions are small, inexpensive solutions ranging to more significant changes.

Dementia Training Australia

  • Videos

    • Familiar Places – Bedrooms and Dining Areas

    • Familiar places

    • Thinking of Environments Differently

    • Design, dignity and dementia in retirement living

    • How to support people living with dementia staying at home

    • COVID-19 Resilient Environments and Meaningful Engagement using indoor spaces

    • Environments: Meaningful Engagement Outdoors

    • Facilitating living

  • Documents:

    • Environment Fact Sheets

    • Environment Activity Cards

  • Handbooks

    • Environmental Assessment Tool Handbook

    • Indigenous Aged Care Design Guide

    • Environmental Design Resources Handbook

  • Phone App

    • Built Environment Assessment Tool (BEAT-D)


  • eBooks

    • Toilet Talk: Accessible Design for People with Dementia by Mary Marshall

    • Acoustics in Aged Care by Richard Pollock

    • A Breath of Fresh Air by Annie Pollock

University of Tasmania


Department of Gerontology Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Canada

MMP Architects: 

  • Handbook: Design guide for long term care homes


Dementia Design Specialist (DDS) Architect & Global Brain Health Institute

  • Assessment Tool:  Dementia Inclusive Design Audit of key areas within the primary care centre, Clonbrusk, Athlone

Dublin City University's Autism Friendly University initiative

  • Handbook: The Autism Friendly University Design Guide

TrinityHaus Research Centre (TrinityHaus), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in collaboration with HOPE (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation), and Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. 

  • MOOC: Dementia Inclusive Hospitals from a Universal Design Approach – MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) 

    • Description – free online course on the Futurelearn Platform that providing learners with key information, insights, and tasks related to dementia-inclusive hospital design.

TrinityHaus, TCD in collaboration with the Dementia Services Information and Development Centre, and the School of Social Work and Social Policy (TCD).

  • Guideline: Dementia Friendly Dwellings for People with Dementia, their Families and Carers: Universal Design Guidelines

    • Description – National level design guidelines for dwellings for new-build and retro-fit of existing dwellings.

TrinityHaus, TCD, in collaboration with the Health Service Executive, the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design at the National Disability Authority (CEUD/NDA), the National Dementia Office, and a range of Irish partners

  • Guideline: Dementia Friendly Hospitals from Universal Design Approach: Design Guidelines

    • Description –design guidelines for new-build and the retro-fit of hospital buildings to make them more supportive for people with Dementia, accompanying persons, staff, and visitors.


Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Singapore

  • Handbook: Looking to the future: Inclusive design for people living with dementia.

  • Handbook: Six principles of dementia-friendly neighbourhood

  • Handbook: Design guidelines for therapeutic gardens in Singapore National Parks

  • Assessment Tool: Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool (SEAT): user guide 2020

United Kingdom

BSI Standards Limited

  • Guideline: Design for the mind – Neurodiversity and the built environment – Guide


  • Toolkit: Designing For Everyone accessibility toolkit

DSDC, Stirling

  • Assessment Tool: Environments for Ageing and Dementia Design Assessment Tool (EADDAT) Tier 1 – Aware

  • Assessment Tool: Environments for Ageing and Dementia Design Assessment Tool (EADDAT) Tier 2- R7 The Domestic Environment

  • Guideline: Good practice in the design of homes and living spaces for people with dementia and sight loss

  • Smartphone App: IRIDIS (The app is a digital version of the DSDC’s research-based Dementia Design Audit Tool)

Royal Institute of British Architects

  • Handbook: Alternative Age Friendly Handbook


 World Health Organisation

  • Handbook: Global age-friendly cities: a guide

In addition to the free resources listed above ED-SiG draws the following commercially available resources from well-respected experts to your attention.

DSDC, Stirling

  • Assessment Tools: EADDAT Tier 2 - R1-R7 Full collection (£175.00)

  • Guideline: 10 Helpful hints for dementia design at home (£5.00)

  • Guideline: 10 Tips on signage for dementia (£5.00)

  • Guideline: Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia (£13.50)

  • Guideline: Light and lighting design for people with dementia (£18.00)

  • Guideline: Designing balconies, roof terraces and roof gardens for people with dementia (£18.00)

  • Guideline: Design for people with dementia: an overview of building design regulations - England edition (£18.00)

  • Guideline: Air quality and health for people with dementia (£23.50)

  • Guideline: Design for people with dementia: an overview of building design regulations - Scotland edition (£18.00)

  • Book: Architecture for dementia: Stirling gold 2008-2020 (£33.50)

Department of Gerontology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

  • Board Game: Creating Home: an interactive game for exploring the physical environment in long-term care settings. 

  • Assessment Tool: Person Oriented Environmental Tool (POET) (Training required)

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