Sexual Assault and Dementia Special Interest Group (SAD-SiG)

The Ready to Listen Project team established the SAD-SiG to form a better process of listening to the voices of people living with dementia.

Because a person living with dementia can't describe a sexual assault or the impacts on them, that doesn't mean they have not been harmed.

The Aims of the SAD-SiG

To draw on the expertise of people living with dementia to recognise and to prevent assault of people living with dementia, including: 1. Increasing the efficacy of the #ReadyToListen project in residential care. 2. Document the experiences and needs of people living with dementia at home, to build momentum for a #ReadyToListen approach to care at home and in residential age care.

Membership is open to

Australian people diagnosed with dementia (primary members), and Care partners.
The project Coordinator is Dr Catherine Barrett. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Catherine: [email protected]

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