Join us at ADI 2024 Conference in Kraków

Join us at ADI 2024 Conference in Kraków
Author: The DAI Admin Team
Published: Thursday, June 22nd 2023

We are excited to share an important update from our friends at Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) regarding their upcoming 36th global hybrid conference taking place in Kraków, Poland (in person and online), from 24-26 April 2024. This conference is a significant event for the dementia community, and we encourage you all to participate.

The event will bring together experts, researchers, service providers, care partners, and individuals living with dementia from around the world. It will provide a platform to discuss and explore advancements in dementia care, research, technology, and innovation.

The 2024 program will be centred around the seven action areas of the Global Dementia Action Plan 2017-2025 (GDAP) on dementia, similar to previous conferences. ADI's recent report, ‘From Plan to Impact,’ underscores the need to address the shortcomings in achieving the plan's objectives. As a result, ADI calls for an extension to the GDAP, which will serve as a central theme shaping discussions and presentations at the conference.

We are proud to announce that members of Dementia Alliance International (DAI), including Emily Ong who is a current ADI board member, Jennifer Bute, and Kate Swaffer (co-founder of DAI, and past board member of ADI) are actively involved as members of the ADI Scientific Programme Committee for the conference. Their expertise and lived experiences bring invaluable insights to the conference and ensure that the voices of people living with dementia are included and respected.

Abstract submissions for ADI 2024 will open in just over two weeks; important dates are as follows:

  • Deadline for abstract submissions: 10 September (Please note that submissions received after this deadline will not be considered)

  • Abstract notifications: 8 January 2024

So mark your calendars and start preparing your contributions. Abstract topic areas will include the following: 

  • Dementia as a public health priority

  • Dementia awareness and friendliness

  • Dementia risk reduction

  • Dementia diagnosis and treatment

  • Support for carers

  • Information systems

  • Dementia research and innovation.

You can read more about abstracts here.

For those who may find it more accessible, ADI has also introduced a paper submission form to make abstract submissions easier for people living with dementia. If you prefer this method, simply email to request the form.

If you are new to submitting abstracts for conferences or want some guidance, ADI has provided a short video on their YouTube channel to help.

Once again, the deadline for abstract submissions is September 10th, so make sure to submit your work before this date to be considered. Notifications about accepted abstracts will be sent out on 8th January 2024, giving you ample time to prepare for the conference.

As Dementia Alliance International, we believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are crucial in advancing the understanding and care for people living with dementia. We encourage you all to take part in the 2024 Conference, either as presenters, attendees, or virtual participants, and contribute to the collective efforts in making a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.

Together, we can build a more inclusive world. 

Watch one of co-founders of DAI, the late Sue Stephen, discuss living with PCA at in Puerto Rico in 2014, our first time attending an ADI conference representing our organisation -

While you’re here...

We hope to find a sponsor who will provide us with funding to enable our members to attend. If you, or someone in your networks can donate towards this, or refer us to a sponsor, please contact us here: [email protected] or donate online.

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